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Having shot all over the world for 15 years as a professional advertising photographer for some of the world’s biggest brands, you can relax knowing that you’re in very capable hands. A wide range of approaches to the shoot feel can be achieved and I’m very happy to guide you on how to pose to ensure that your boudoir portraiture is incredibly flattering.

Whether it be lingerie, fine art nude, an escort teaser portfolio, bridal boudoir or another style that you’d like to achieve, you can be sure you’ll be beside yourself with the results once shot professionally in a sensual light.

The Gold Coast & Brisbane’s need for truly masterful boudoir photography has finally been met – from classy fine art portraiture to spicy erotica.
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Acquisition International

“Commercial Photographer of the year – QLD”


“I was very nervous to do a boudoir shoot. Not knowing quite what to expect. Luckily for me, I chose the best photographer possible! From the outset Paul Williams was very professional and had the ability to relax me and make me feel at total ease. Paul put a huge amount of time and effort into making my experience as amazing and fun as possible. He was also very thorough in asking questions and doing research before the shoot so I would have the best experience and photos that were exactly as I had hoped for. Paul showed me the best way to pose to accentuate my body and professionally lead the shoot the entire time.
The resulting photos are amazing! I had no idea I could look that stunning!! The photos were immaculately edited to perfection and look like they could be on the cover of Vogue magazine! I could not of been any happier. I would highly recommend Paul Williams for anyone wishing to book a photo shoot. In fact he excelled my expectations by so much that I’ve already made another booking for a photo shoot with him. Thank you, Paul!”


“My latest boudoir photos were taken by Paul Williams, a very talented, open-minded photographer whom I met rather serendipitously.  Paul is patient, approachable and very professional.  I was impressed by my overall experience of working with him, and would highly recommend him to anyone interested in intimate photography.
Some ideas that Paul has include private photo collections for clients who have certain themes and concepts in mind.  I would love to be engaged for such a collection!”


“Paul Williams was the photographer I had commissioned for my boudoir shoot. From the outset, he was very patient with my many queries, always offering timely advice and professional opinions. He even took time to meet up to discuss the details of the shoot so that he could understand my needs and wants.

During the shoot, he was very professional and encouraging. He kept the mood light with banter so as to keep me at ease. Being new to such an experience, he was very considerate and non-intrusive. Every woman has her own insecurities and he was so genuinely positive all the time that I soon forgot about my own. He really made me feel that I am beautiful, sexy and desirable! Which is what I believe every woman wishes to be.

Trust me when I say I was really sad when the shoot was over… But I know I cannot wait for the next time we have a shoot again!”


“My photos look like they could be on the cover of Vogue magazine!”

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