Frequently asked questions

So how do we plan this?

Before taking on any client, I first talk with them to discuss their needs, ideas, body image and comfort level, to ensure that I understand your wants before the actual shoot is even booked in. Sessions are very exclusive and as such, this is how you will be treated.
Once you’ve chosen your shoot date and paid your deposit, I start planning your shoot. Based on what you have told me, I’ll email you some images for feedback on what you like about them. You’re also welcome to email me images to give me a better idea about what you like. This can be anything that you like about the shots – pose, lighting, location, outfit etc. The shoot plan gets refined so that we’re on the same page, expectations are managed and the excitement for shoot day begins!

Where should we shoot?

The actual day of the shoot will take place in your choice of private and comfortable setting – usually a hotel room, your home or the studio.
During shooting, any suggestion or query that you may have will be tended to, as you acquaint yourself with the space, your movements and wants.
With the photographer focussed on crafting the light that best defines your body, you will feel virtually alone in such privacy and able to feel truly sensual as muse for a day.

Is Gold Coast Boudoir Photography an escort-friendly service?

Absolutely! Some of our favourite clients of all time are escorts! Open-minded, good with people, comfortable with their bodies, fit and attractive, well groomed – what’s to not like?!
Our ‘teaser’ portfolio shoots guarantee your business growth and will have your prospective clients drooling over how stunning you look!

I am an escort and already have photos of myself. Do I really need more?

In this digital age, content is king. Even if you’ve had strong images to represent yourself with so far, you need to refresh these. Up-to-date images are vital to give your clients a clear idea of how you look now. Hair, skin, weight, muscle tone, tattoos and even lingerie trends all change – you’ve improved, so flaunt that fact!
Regularly updating your teaser portfolio images show that you take yourself and your business seriously. Your investment in each shoot is a tiny fraction of the increase in interest that your profile visits will see you earn. Ask about discounts for regular shoots!

What if I don't want my face to be recognisable in the shots? Is this possible?

If you’d prefer to remain anonymous, this is of course completely possible, through posing that I can suggest and of course, very clever lighting!

Can you provide hair & makeup for my shoot?

Yes. Fees fluctuate depending on which H&M Artist is available on the date of your shoot, though a reliable guide price is $160.
Many of our clients choose to do their own hair & makeup, to save on this extra cost. After all – nobody knows how you like to look better than you do!

Do I get digital copies of my photos?

Yes! Unlike many other photographers, I provide you with HIGH resolution images from your shoot. I don’t believe in holding these to ransom, in order to sell you over-priced prints. I also grant all my clients full usage rights to use their shots however they like to market themselves or print themselves. I also include low resolution versions of each file, which are ready for immediate use on your website and social media.

What is a ‘Bridal Boudoir’ photo shoot?

It’s one of the greatest ideas a girl ever had! It’s a sensual boudoir portrait shoot intended to give your husband-to-be a preview of what he gets to unwrap on your wedding night. Most girls tend to look their absolute best for their wedding in terms of their physique, so making that a lasting memory with stunning boudoir portraits is a great idea! Peel-off your wedding dress for the shoot, wear the lingerie that you’ve bought for your wedding night, or borrow one of the veils that we have here to get creative with the light.
HOT TIP: Show him the photos a day or two before your wedding, then abstain from any sexy-time until the big day. It’s a little cruel, but he’ll be falling over himself to get to you come wedding night!

There are some parts of my body that I'm not comfortable with - can anything be done about this?

Many people are not comfortable with their bodies, but do like certain PARTS of their body. In this case, we can accentuate those parts in either a full-body shot, or by doing a ‘body-part still-life study’. This is a study that allows your favourite body part to be shot in an artistic way that accentuates the lines and shapes that make it beautiful. Your body can be defined in one shot, or studied in greater detail with three or more separate shots that can be placed together as a stylish series. Again, should you want to display your fine-art photo’s on your wall, admirers of your body need not even know that you were the model!

Can I bring a chaperone to the shoot?

Yes you can, though most don’t. The best results will be achieved if you don’t have anyone else tagging-along. Having someone else there tends to not only be distracting for us both, but also increases your self-consciousness. I strive to give you as much great content as I can during your session, and in my experience, chaperones can slow things down quite a bit – but the choice is of course up to you.

Just how embarrassing is this going to be?!

I work in a strictly closed set, without an assistant and if hair/makeup is required, this can be done at the beginning of the shoot, with my hair/makeup artist leaving for your privacy before beginning your session. Your privacy is always respected, so you can relax and enjoy your session.

Do you have any other questions? If so, please contact us!